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- Break it down for us on how you got your name Zest The Smoker?

After being inspired by DFTUA, I felt like I was under the influence of a spirit. It kept talking about this guy who nobody likes to hang around because he smokes too much. I could not shake it. I worked swing shift in a steel mill, 6 days a week. Only had Tuesdays off, it was horrible. So early January 1994, one night on my lunch break, I pulled out this paper towel and wrote “Im tweaking seeking a new planet to live on- I’m finding rappers I can wrap my Zag Zigs on-” Then I caught writers block for about 30-45mins, then the rest of the song poured out to me in a few minutes. I recited that song to a few friends, they loved it, and started calling me the Smoker.

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Ron Contour - "The Beach" [LE211]

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Released: September 8, 2009
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