Metty The Dert Merchant (Sweatshop Union)


etty The Dert Merchant is best known for his work as inhouse producer to juno nominated outfit The Sweatshop Union. In addition to his producton work he was one of the prominent lyricist of the group featured in most of the groups songs. By the start of 2006 recording and plans were well under way for the fourth album for the union. With an early 2007 release, the sweatshop union have focused the better part of the year ahead towards a non stop touring schedule. In addition to his work within these two groups, he has produced tracks for many canadian and american artists, most notably Swollen Members, underground legend Abstract Rude of Project Blowed fame and 2 tracks,including the sequal to the classic hit "super hoes" from the Friday soundtrack, old school vet. Son Doobie of Funkdoobiest/Soul Assasins. Raised by a former Liverpool MOD father, metty grew up almost exclusively on Tamla Motown and old soul mixed with the odd english 60's rock, a sound that is the very foundation of metty's own brand of production style, self described as "warm,crunchy and derty" .....which is no surprise since the first beats and the first record digging experience were born from his fathers crates.
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