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Sound Improvement (Si Crew) is a breath of fresh air for all listeners of music. Leaving the stage in a roar of applause every-time, Si Crew is always full throttle when performing and spinning music, having the ability to entertain a crowd all night long. See more
Tha Grimm Teachaz formed in 1991 when Fresh Greg, neighborhood hero, saw something extremely distinct yet comparable in Lamont Toussaint (THE PMDF, Prince Midnight Dark Force), owner of Kauz n Effectz community center and Kenny (KDz, Kenny Dennis, Killa Deacon), dock worker. See more


oah23 is an international Hip Hop phenomenon and underground legend who has been rapping for 13 years. He was born in Natchez Mississippi and grew up amongst the indie hotbed of Guelph Ontario Canada. He has performed and sold records independently across the world and recorded over 10 albums. In the late 90's Noah started the highly regarded Plague Language label which released albums from a diverse roster of artists. See more
Uncle Shredded Wheat AKA Mr. Goodwine has been putting it down on the Tampa Hip Hop scene for years. He has released Elevator Music and I'm Just A Freak, more new music on the way!


ellowcat is a Russian jungle producer. He spends a lot of time to make an original sound and to promote it is a little bit forward. Now prepares the release which will show most interesting jungle aspects at present days.
Zest the Smoker a.k.a. Nigalooh Damon first stepped on the scene, stepping on egos, debuting on Peanut Butter Wolf's "Step On Our Egos?" EP in 1995, with the song "My Old Nasty Habit". He later appeared on a 7" single titled "Interruptions", released with 7000 copies of "Strength" magazine in 1997. Interruptions was re-released on the Stones Throw compilation "My Vinyl Weighs a Ton" in 1999, and had much See more