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runk Chris produces many different styles of music primarily Hip Hop & Electronic based. Over the years he's crafted tracks for the likes of: Moka Only, Noah23, Lil Flip, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Tha Realest, Mr. Doctor, BEC & many more! In /06 he formed the group CRUNK23 along with Noah23 of Plague Language. Crunk Chris has been a dedicated soldier on the independent music scene since '99 when he founded Legendary Ent. & The Catacombz Distro. See more


aracuda Fish aka Baracuda72 of the Plague Language family. Originally from Guelph & dwells in Toronto. Baracuda is 1/2 of Bourgeois Cyborgs along with Noah23. Peep his latest masterpiece "Knucklebone".
…Relating to the deep meaning behind the name, Iram, the lost city on the Arabian Peninsula; often foretold as a mystical dwelling beyond words that was discovered in the 80’s and consequently taken out of the realm of fable and forged into history. –Straying from the ‘norm’ with original concepts, versatile flow, conscious thought and catchy hooks, Iram, born on the island of St. Lucia, stays true to his name standing firm as a pillar amongst his peers. He is “…ahead of [his] time, so [he’s] not only first but [is] coming up next”. His distinct sound and creativity allows freedom to explore a variety of music genres, his preference being hip-hop. Diversifying he is sure to keep you listening. With his assertiveness, Iram is here to let the world know, playtime is over! See more


nubis5 was born in the hooker alley section of St. Catharines, Ontario during the summer of 1985. Anubis5 is one half of Exit Theme with high school enemy Andy Able. Anubis5 is a member of The Motherboard collective of geeks.


ourgeois Cyborgs is the justified & ancient team of Noah23 & Baracuda. They released their self titled debut album in 2008 and have rocked shows from Oregon to Barcelona. The artwork on the disc was done by Antidote. You can get the full length album on iTunes and at