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Isolated Wax

January 21, 20126 years ago

Sean Blak Blakmarket

©2011 Legendary Ent.
released: May 17, 2011
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September 20, 20117 years ago

Opski Chan - "So Butter" from the album Super Duty Tough Work

"So Butter"
Written & Performed by Opski Chan
Music Produced by Barry Bones

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Directed, Shot, Edited, Colored and MoGraphed by B. Van Auken
Produced by B. Van Auken and O. Chan
September 8, 20117 years ago

Premrock and Willie Green Sept 28.2011

June 11, 20099 years ago

Zest The Smoker - "Death...At 27 (The Motion Picture Soundtrack) drops on July 14/09...Peep Game!

This is the one yall been waiting on for years! Zest The Smoker (remember the song "Interuptions" on Peanut Butter Wolf's - My Vinyl Weighs A Ton") is finally gdropping his debut album "Deat...At 27 (The Motion Picture Soundtrack" on Legendary Ent./Isolated Wax. Its release date is July 14/09 but you can pre-order starting next week off the site here. Also keep an eye out for Zest The Smoker & Baron Zen's new 12" on Stones Throw due out around the same time as this one!