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Zest The Smoker

September 19, 20099 years ago

Check the interview with Zest The Smoker on

- Break it down for us on how you got your name Zest The Smoker?

After being inspired by DFTUA, I felt like I was under the influence of a spirit. It kept talking about this guy who nobody likes to hang around because he smokes too much. I could not shake it. I worked swing shift in a steel mill, 6 days a week. Read more

June 11, 20099 years ago

Zest The Smoker - "Death...At 27 (The Motion Picture Soundtrack) drops on July 14/09...Peep Game!

This is the one yall been waiting on for years! Zest The Smoker (remember the song "Interuptions" on Peanut Butter Wolf's - My Vinyl Weighs A Ton") is finally gdropping his debut album "Deat...At 27 (The Motion Picture Soundtrack" on Legendary Ent./Isolated Wax. Its release date is July 14/09 but you can pre-order starting next week off the site here. Also keep an eye out for Zest The Smoker & Baron Zen's new 12" on Stones Throw due out around the same time as this one!