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Promo video... Outro track off the Pop Off mixtape by Iram, released May 30th 2011. Off the Tinie Tempah "Written in the stars" track. For promotional use only.

PremRock & Willie Green - "PremRock & Willie Green" [LE261]

©2011 Legendary Ent./Isolated Wax
released:September 28, 2011
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Noah23- Fame (Official Video)

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Opski Chan - "So Butter" from the album Super Duty Tough Work

"So Butter"
Written & Performed by Opski Chan
Music Produced by Barry Bones

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Directed, Shot, Edited, Colored and MoGraphed by B. Van Auken
Produced by B. Van Auken and O. Chan
June 11, 2009 Posted by Chris in News

Zest The Smoker - "Death...At 27 (The Motion Picture Soundtrack) drops on July 14/09...Peep Game!

This is the one yall been waiting on for years!  Zest The Smoker (remember the song "Interuptions" on Peanut Butter Wolf's - My Vinyl Weighs A Ton") is finally gdropping his debut album "Deat...At 27 (The Motion Picture Soundtrack" on Legendary Ent./Isolated Wax.  Its release date is July 14/09 but you can pre-order starting next week off the site here.  Also keep an eye out for Zest The Smoker & Baron Zen's new 12" on Stones Throw due out around the same time as this one!


Anubis5 - "Black Market Designer Love" [LE172]

©2008 Legendary Ent.
Released: August 5, 2008
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  1. Anubis5

  2. Ain't No Tax On Attraction

  3. I'll Tear You A Heart

  4. Bombing Air Supply

  5. Iron Retroplexx ft. Cancer

  6. Guns and Knives ft. Hobs Sputnik

  7. Intelligent Life ft. Kain Marko

  8. Worshipping My Warship

  9. Solid State of Senses ft. The Foreign

  10. Cranberry Gingerale

  11. Another Song About Canada ft. Cancer

  12. Gigawatt Complex

  13. Tykus


various artists - "Beat Tha Sh!t Outta Ya Instrumental Compilation" [LE096]

©2004 Legendary Ent.
released: December 28, 2004
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Ron Contour


on Contour is Moka Only's crazy, adventuresome cousin. Moka Only produces all his songs so you know the tracks bump! Ron prefers to record his music during the summer season & loves traveling around the world year round. Ron enjoys ladies that find him tolerable. Ron's style is straight 90's boom bap.

Big Shawn (Bored Stiff)


ig Shawn....


…Relating to the deep meaning behind the name, Iram, the lost city on the Arabian Peninsula; often foretold as a mystical dwelling beyond words that was discovered in the 80’s and consequently taken out of the realm of fable and forged into history. –Straying from the ‘norm’ with original concepts, versatile flow, conscious thought and catchy hooks, Iram, born on the island of St. Lucia, stays true to his name standing firm as a pillar amongst his peers. He is “…ahead of [his] time, so [he’s] not only first but [is] coming up next”. His distinct sound and creativity allows freedom to explore a variety of music genres, his preference being hip-hop. Diversifying he is sure to keep you listening. With his assertiveness, Iram is here to let the world know, playtime is over! Read more